Dark Force Hud Manual

Youtube Vid: 

This video above is the best place to start for instructions and tips to get the most from your Dark Force Telekinetic Hud.

v2 Temp Instructions:

The slideshow below still describes basic use of the hud, but until I have time to update it, please read the following for new v2 specific features:

  • 'Ice Rocks' : This will rez icy rocks, much like the 'Rocks' and 'Molton Rocks' button.
  • 'Copy' : When holding 2 objects, the 'Copy' button will allow you to move both objects together using only 1 control circle.
  • 'Swap' : The 'Swap' button will swap the left and right targets. This can be used at any time.
  • 'Follow' : The 'Follow' buttons can be found in the left and right windows while holding an object. It will cause the object to follow your avatar at what ever offset it was at when enabled. You can still move objects around with follow enabled in 3rd person view and the object will update to follow from its new offset when you stop moving it. In mouselook mode, follow will cause the object to return to its last offset when you release control.
  • 'Self' : The 'Self' button will target and lift your own avatar, allowing you to move yourself around like any other object. Can be useful if you find yourself stuck, or want to move yourself through a wall, or even to throw yourself at something :) 'Self' will default to lifting you with your right hand, but use the left if the right is already in use.
  • 'Recall' : Just above and left / right of the 'Minimise' button are 2 small buttons with arrows, these are the left and right 'Recall' buttons and will bring any objects you're holding back to you. It also turns on the 'Follow' option automatically, as essentially it uses the same code, setting the offset to a position near your avatar. 'Follow' can be clicked to stop the objects from following you once the object is close if you wish.
  • 'Mouselook Lightning' : The 'Mouselook Lightning' button can be found just above the 'Minimise' button. When enabled you can go into mouselook, aim, then hold left click to shoot lightning from your hand (NOTE: You must be wearing the 'Force Lighting Left / Right' devices for this to work. A single click will create a lightning strike at the targeted position, a double click will fire the lightning stream for just a moment. You can also aim the lightning stream straight up into the air for a few seconds to trigger 'Lightning Rage', with multiple lightning strikes all around your avatar (use with caution!). When aiming the lightning stream at a solid surface, it will scorch that surface. If you hold the stream in the same position for a few moments it will catch fire. Moving your aim slowly will then keep the fire going. When the stream hits a physical object or avatar, it will usually send it flying. When holding a single object, Mouselook Lightning will emit from whichever hand is free. When holding 2 objects, mouselook lightning cannot be used as you have no free hand!
  • 'Particles' Switch : This can be found top right of the hud and resembles a collection of dots. This will toggle the force particle stream on and off as you prefer. NOTE: This does not affect the particle stream for Mouselook lightning, which cannot be disabled.
  • 'Animations' Switch : This can be found top right of the hud and looks like a little running stick figure. This will enable and disable the animations for rock summoning and arm movements when lifting objects. NOTE: You may have to drop any held objects before toggling this switch to totally enable / disable anims. ALSO: This does not affect the arm animation for mouselook lightning, which cannot be disabled.
  • 'Sound' Switch : This can also be found top right of the hud and looks like a little speaker icon. This enables and disables hud click 'Beep!' sounds. (NOTE: the hud beeps can only be heard by you).
  • Dark Force Particle Hud : This is a separate hud that allows you to change the effects for the force particle streams when lifting objects. Please see the 'Particle Hud Instructions' notecard included with the hud for info.