Roid Runner News

Project Roid Runner VR Test

Strapping my phone to my face to test out a Virtual Reality mode for my Unity game. Despite the narrow field of view from my makeshift headset, it's amazingly fun! :) Using a modified Google Cardboard design with the 25mm lenses from the Durovis Dive kit, the head tracking script from the VROne SDK and flying the ship using a wired xbox controller plugged into the device (because it's far superior to my cheap ipega bluetooth controller). Running on an HTC One M8, footage recorded on-device using the Everyplay SDK.


Project 'Roid Runner' Artificial Intelligence Demo

Showing off the flight capabilities of my enemy AI. 80 total asteroids between 40 meter and 200 meter diameter in a dense distribution, randomly moving at a max speed of 150 meters per second. As asteroids move out of range they are randomly re-positioned in the field.


Project 'Roid Runner' demo footage

Current state of graphics and gameplay for my upcoming game. Sexy explosions, nicer asteroids with more variety, improved player, enemy and asteroid explosions with more debris, improved enemy AI evasive decision making.

These enemy are setup to be relatively tough and make you work quite hard to chase them.

Footage captured using Everyplay on device (HTC One M8), 100 total asteroids and 8 enemies.


Replay from Roid Runner!

Testing Everyplay integration in my game. Haven't had much time to work on it lately but have managed to sexify the asteroids and explosions and a few other things since the last video :)


Roid Runner Android Test

Recently got to test Roid Runner on an android device, seen here running on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 :) The enemies also now have missiles and can lock on to your ship, causing "Lock" and "Incoming" warnings (with slightly annoying sound effects I plan to change!) With a "Lock Warning" you have a few seconds to break their lock attempt through evasive maneuvers / hiding behind an asteroid to break their line of sight.


Roid Runner Early Demo

Coming "soon" to IOS (and later Android). Enemy AI is coming along nicely, so far these tests consist of endless waves while I tweak the settings, but with explosions and lock-on missiles recently added, it's starting to feel like a real game :) Note: This is being played on my pc using an xbox controller, so the player movement is not as smooth as when controlled with the phones accelerometer. The lag in the video was caused by the recording software.